PSKiss SuperMatic Tutorial

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If looks could kill…

You buy a good camera, you add a good lens, you take great photos.


They all look the same. Ha. Fact of life…

Well, everyone wants to give their photos a unique look. Something different. The problem is that in order to give your photo a different and unique look, you need to know how to do that. Once you do, every one takes quite a lot of work to achieve in Photoshop.

No More!

PSKiss SuperMatic is a filter that offers you 14 different unique photographic effects that will give your photo that look,
without working hard.

You don’t need to worry about complicated sequences or mysterious workflows.
Just go to the Filter menu, choose PSKiss SuperMatic and in the filter’s window, choose the effect you want to use. Then add Grain and a Vignette until you get want you want.

Yep. It’s that simple.

How to use PSKiss SupreMatic?

Open the photo you want to edit and launch PSKiss SuperMatic from the filter menu or directly from the Special Effects category in the free PSKiss Launcher panel:

In the filter’s window click on the effect you want to apply:

Watch the showcase at the end of this post for sample of all the looks.

Don’t forget that PSKiss SuperMatic, as all PSKiss filters, creates a separate layer leaving your original image untouched and unharmed:

Even after you clicked “OK”, you don’t need to start all over again any time you want to try a different setup.
Just go to the History panel. You will find all the setups you’ve tried in the dialog box.
PSKiss filters, remember everything for you so you can be concentrated with what’s really important – your work:

Changing the look

If you want to change the effect:

  1. Choose the layer that was added by filter (make sure you don’t change it’s name!) and launch the filter again. The marked effect in the window is the one you used previously.
  2. Now, click on any other effect and the layer will be replaced automatically.
  3. If you want to create a new effect on top of the previous one, change the layer’s name, launch the filter and choose any effect you want. It will create a new layer.

Add Grain

To add grain to the effect drag the Grain slider. Note that the grain is created on a separate layer:

Add Vignette

To add a dark vignette to the effect drag the Vignetting slider. Note that the vignette is created on a separate layer:

Edit Grain and Vignette

You can always edit the Grain and the Vignette layer, even after you save and close the file. To edit anything about the effect you created:

  1. Select the effect layer (the one with the effect’s name).
  2. Launch PSKiss SuperMatic. Note that the effect is marked in the list, the Grain slider is in the current value and so is the Vignetting slider.
  3. Change what ever you want to change and click OK.
  4. To erase the Grain or Vignette layers, simply drag the sliders all the way to the left. 0 means no layer.

Important Note

If you want to keep future editing capabilities – Never change the names of layers created by SuperMatic.

PSKiss SuperMatic Showcase

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Tal Ninio

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