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Skin & Scenery Color – QuickStart Guide

After installing the Skin & Scenery Color package,
you are ready to explore your new possibilities.

Using Skin & Scenery Color profiles – Adobe Camera Raw (Photoshop and Elements) and Lightroom

1. In Adobe Camera Raw window (Photoshop CS4, CS5 or Elements 8-9), click on the “Camera Calibration” tab:

In Lightroom, switch to the “Develop” module and expand the “Camera Calibration” tab:

Now, choose the desired profile from the “Camera Profile” menu (Photoshop) or the “Profile” menu (Lightroom):

PSKiss Skin & Scenery Color profiles – Properties and Features chart

The following chart explains the characteristics of each profile:

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Skin & Scenery Color – Installation Guide

After you extract the zip file you downloaded, you will find these items:

  • CameraProfiles folder – contains the DNG profile files.
  • LR Presets folder – contains Lightroom presets that use these profiles.
  • PS Presets folder – contains Adobe Camera Raw presets that use these profiles (compatible with Photoshop and Elements).
  • Disclaimer and ReadMe files


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Aging Film Lightroom and ACR Presets – Installation Guide

Click here to get your copy of Aging Film Presets! How to install PSKiss Aging Film ACR Presets The easiest way to install ACR presets, is via your operating system: Extract the .zip file you downloaded. Select all the Camera Raw Settings folder and select its content (the files with .xmp suffix). Open up Finder

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