Q: How do I install PSKiss Photoshop Filters Suite filters?

A: 1. Extract the .zip file that was downloaded to your computer. You will find 3 files in the extracted folder: ReadMe First, Disclaimer and the filter file.

It is very easy to recognize the script, its name always starts with PSKiss.

2. After downloading a filter you must move it to Photoshop’s Scripts folder.

On a PC, the path would be:

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop CS5\Presets\Scripts

On a Mac the path would be:

Applications> Photoshop CS5> Presets> Scripts.

3. After copying a filter to this folder, Quit Photoshop (if it is running) and launch it again.

4. Open a photo, go to the Filter menu and choose the filter you installed from the bottom of the list.

5. To uninstall a filter, simply drag it out of the Scripts folder, Quit Photoshop (if it is running) and launch it again.

Q: Are PS Kiss filters compatible with Photoshop CS5?

A: Yes. All PS Kiss products are fully compatible with version CS5.

Q: What about older versions?

A: PS Kiss filters were fully tested only on Photoshop CS5. Some filters might work well with version CS4 but some might not respond at all. In some cases, the filters will work but there will be some irregularities in the History panel or in the layers panel.
PS Kiss filters are not compatible with version CS3 or older.
PS Kiss filters are not compatible with Photoshop Elements.

Q: Can I apply a filter to the layer it created?

A: If you apply the same filter, it will replace the layer it created previously and ignore its content. If you need to re-apply a filter to the layer it created, simply change the layer’s name before re-applying the filter.
If you apply a different filter, it will work on any active pixel layer.

Q: Is it possible to apply a filter to any kind of layer?

A: No. PS Kiss filters work only with regular pixel layers. If you wish to apply it to another kind of layer, such as a Vector layer, a Type layer or a Smart Object, you have to rasterize them prior to applying a PS Kiss filter.

Q: What is Pixel Gear Suite?

A: PS Kiss Pixel Gear Suite is our code name for Pixel Bender image editing filters.

Read the installation guide, here.

Read the Getting Started page, here.

Q: What are the benefits using Pixel Bender?

A: Pixel Bender technology, allows Photoshop to take advantage of powerful display cards and accelerate image editing processes, up to 4 times faster than regular filters! The stronger the card – the larges the images it can process in full GPU acceleration. It also does all color manipulations in 32 bit color depth, for best image quality.

Q: Must I use only 16 bit images?

A: No, you don’t have to use only 16 bit images. You can use 8 bit images because PSKiss Pixel Gear Filters use 32 bit color depth regardless of the image’s color depth. They calculate all colors in 32 bit without altering the image file itself. The befit is that the histogram is left undamaged.

Q: CS4 or CS5?

A: Pixel Gear Filters are compatible with Photoshop CS4 and CS5 (see installation guide for more information). However, PSKiss unique Workflow Panels, are available for Photoshop CS5 only.

Q: What are the technical requirements?

Q: Any more known issues?

A: Full GPU acceleration is still limited by display cards performance. This limits the file size you can use and still enjoy the extra speed. In general, new display cards can handle large image files, up to full camera resolution. Older cards may struggle with large files, depending on specific configuration and capabilities.
In cases of slower previews in Pixel Bender window when manipulating large files, you can improve performance by clicking the sliders instead of dragging them.

Q: Does PSKiss filter include any support?

A: PS Kiss filters are so simple, smart and user-friendly, so we think that any additional support is practically unnecessary. However, we publish some interesting explanations on our blog and our video channel at YouTube. You are most welcome to visit and enjoy these options.

Q: The Promo code does not work

A: Promo code can expire over time, but sometimes there is a cookie issue which can be solved by deleting all of your cookies.

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