PSKiss Pixel Gear Suite old

professional photoshop filters

skin retouch

Reach beautiful and perfect skin texture for your portraits in no time. Once you’ll try it you’ll never go back to your old techniques.
image sharpening

Enhance edges of your images with full control of edge width and overall intensity, it’s like magic on your edges.
Photoshop Tone

You decide how to handle contrast of each part of the image’s tonal range. It’s a great new way of tone manipulation.

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GPU accelerated filters
GPU Acceleration
All filters are GPU accelerated for superb performance up to 4 times faster* than standard Photoshop filters!
32 bit photoshop filters
32 bit processing
All image manipulations are done in 32 bit color depth for best possible quality. No histogram damages even when original image is 8 bit.
Simple Photoshop Filters
Each filter ships with a unique Photoshop panel featuring a set of presets, workflow control (where relevant), a short tutorial and fast access to the filter itself.
Photoshop Algorithms
Cutting Edge Algorithms
All PSKiss Pixel Gear filters are made by our first class Image Processing Engineers and tuned by industry leading Image Quality Experts.
GPU Photoshop filters
Powerful and fast display cards, allow extremely fast manipulation of small and large images. The stronger the card – the larger the images it can handle in full performance.
64 bit photoshop filters

64 Bit
All PSKiss filters are fully compatible with Photoshop CS5 and support 64 bit versions (Macintosh and Windows).

*Performance may vary depending on your graphic card


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